Building Community Free From Sexual Violence


Youth Leadership Corps (YLC) is a group where young leaders develop leadership and advocacy skills to become agents for change and activists in their community. Youth ages 17-24 will learn about and work with The Center for Hope and Healing to create projects to educate their community on issues of sexual violence and social justice.

The group meet weekly to learn a wide range of topics include self-esteem, self-care, gender and sexuality, teen dating violence, healthy relationships, effective bystander and more. Skills like community activism, outreach, teamwork, communication, and leadership will be built while earning a stipend.

Youth will also have the chance to attend community outreach events and activities that of The Center for Hope and Healing and the community. They include but not limited to activities surround Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, Take Back the Night, Pride Week, and other advocacy events. Youth can participate through social media including chat services and blogging.


​Trainings, workshops, and presentations

Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Education

The dating abuse workshop series is a prevention education program for middle and high school students of all genders. The topics covered are based on issues that youth have discussed and are currently facing. They specifically deal with attitudes and behaviors associated with dating abuse and violence. The program aims to raise student’s awareness of factors constituting healthy and abusive relationships including gender norms and gender stereotypes, the cause and consequences of dating abuse, positive communication, healthy boundaries and conflict resolution skills. It also equips students with the resources to help themselves or friends in abusive dating relationships. 

Through prevention services, CHH youth programming focuses on education and community mobilization effort to assist youth, including youth of color and LGBTQ youth to gain access and services related to sexual violence. We work with schools and college campuses, and youth serving organizations in the greater Merrimack Valley communities to build awareness around social justice, safe dating, healthy relationship, gender and sexuality, and sexual violence.

For more information contact Mana Kheang, Youth Community Organizer,