Amrith Fernandes Prabhu

​Data and Volunteer Manager

Olga Madrid

Bilingual Counselor/Advocate

Sathaboramana Kheang 

Community Organizer: Youth

Ty Chum

Community Organizer: 

Engaging Men and Boys Program 

Caitlin LeMay

Survivor Services Manager

​Brian Conway

Director of Finance and Operations

Dre Vargas
Community Organizer: 

Building Community Free From Sexual Violence

​Isa Woldeguiorguis

Executive Director

Miguel Andres Quiñones 

Project Director: Engaging Men & Boys

Nikki Pelonia
Community Impact Manager

Elaine Fernandes

Medical & Legal Program Coordinator

Adriana Castrillon Reyes
Bilingual Child and Adolescent Counselor/Advocate


Development Manager

Stephanie Cazeau


Marta Bobinski

Senior Advocate: Volunteer Program

Communications Coordinator