Building Community Free From Sexual Violence


Nikki Pelonia was born in the Philippines and migrated to the USA with his family at a young age, spending most of his time in Southeast San Diego, CA; a community long viewed as "crime-ridden and impoverished," and surrounded by different forms of violence. Through personal challenges and learning, he's found a lifelong commitment in community co-creation as change agents towards social justice.

As a trainer, educator, and community organizer, Nikki has worked with a diverse groups of people from eight different countries facilitating various topics in social justice, leadership, and community building. Nikki earned his MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, & Management and his BA in Philosophy & Religion and Pacific Asian Studies from San Francisco State University.  In his “down time,” Nikki is a full-time dog dad to a cute Australian Shepherd named, “Kanji.”

Nikki Pelonia


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Community Impact Manager