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If you have any questions about EMAB or would like to get involved with any of our programming, please contact Nikki Pelonia at or 978-452-7721 ext. 108

We are an Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) funded program at The Center for Hope and Healing, Inc. called Engaging Men and Boys (EMAB). Our mission at EMAB is to involve men and boys in the movement to end sexual violence by encouraging healthy masculinity, fostering strong role models, and building male allies in the community. Many times men and boys around us say “Hey, I don’t rape, so I don’t need to do anything.” Not true! We need ALL men/boys/masculine-identified people to stand up, speak out, and be role models and examples of healthy forms of masculinity.

Building Community Free From Sexual Violence

One way that EMAB works towards this mission is through the Brotherhood of Strength (BOS), formerly Men and Boys Advisory Board. BOS is a group of dedicated and passionate men and boys in the Greater Lowell community that work towards encouraging healthy manhood, providing mentorship, and by empowering other men and boys to become active in their greater communities. They do this with the ultimate vision of ending gender-based violence in our community.​​

​​To become a member of the Brotherhood of Strength,

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In addition, through funding by the Mary Bacugalupo Educational Endowment Fund in 2016 and in partnership with the University of Massachusetts – Lowell, EMAB created the Buzz for Safety campaign. Buzz for Safety provides workshops at local barber shops around the topics of sexual violence, healthy masculinity, and how to be active in your community to end gender-based violence. Buzz for Safety has been assessed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for evaluability. We have received positive results from these workshops and are looking forward to continuing the workshops this year!