Building Community Free From Sexual Violence


GLADLY will begin Friday April 27th at 3:00pm in our office and will be a group for lesbian, bi, trans, gay, queer, asexual, pansexual , genderfluid and questioning high school students. We hope to foster community and a safe space starting off with queer movies and snacks moving into discussion groups that will focus on being primarily psychoeducational and will also function as a support group depending on the needs of those who will be participating. We will also be providing and connecting the youth to affirming resources which they might need such as binders, shapewear, mental health, and information regarding all of those things and possibly social media personalities as a way of further connecting to them to a larger community around their specific identity. In addition, based on their comfort level and needs, we hope to get them involved in Pride and other events we may be hosting/participating in.

If you would like to sign up for GLADLY please click here to fill out a short form.

Trainings, workshops, presentations

We are available to do classroom visits upon request to cover a range of LGBQ/T topics from gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, types of attraction, best practices in supporting the trans people in your life as well as others. We employ a variety of teaching methods from presentations, activity-based, and discussion-based workshops. We adapt material to fit the needs and understanding of the group present which can range from introductory workshops to more specialized ones on narrower topics for example dysphoria, passing, and microaggressions.

For more information contact Dre Vargas, LGBQ/T Community Organizer,