Building Community Free From Sexual Violence

Prevention, community outreach, and education at The Center for Hope and Healing are encompassed into one larger program: Hope Prevents. The program title reflects the need for hope in all we do to prevent sexual violence at all levels.

Comprised of community organizing for three intentional groups: Engaging Men & Boys, the LGBQ/T communites, and Youth; Hope Prevents goal is to raise awareness, co-create knowledge, and develop skills in reducing the impact of oppression and preventing sexual violence. Hope Prevents educates through community-led organizing, facilitating workshops/trainings and presentations, and providing resources using principles of effective prevention.

Grounded in the organizational mission and practices of multiculturalism for inclusive learning and social justice, Hope Prevents is a catalyst for activism and sustainable leadership through community building.

If you have any questions about Hope Prevents or would like to get involved with any of our programming, please contact Nikki Pelonia at or 
978-452-7721 ext. 108