Building Community Free From Sexual Violence


​September 10 - November 5

Monday 6pm-9pm

No training on Monday, October 8th.

Additional training date: Saturday,

September 29th, 930am-530pm.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Hotline Counselor/Advocate
Medical Advocate
Legal Advocate

The Sexual Assault Advocate training gives participants

the knowledge and tools to work with survivors of sexual assault.

It is a 40-hour training and covers topics like “Understanding Neurobiology

and the Trauma of Sexual Assault,” “Medical Advocacy and Forensic Evidence Collection ,”

“Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse,” “Providing Services to Survivors with Disabilities,”

and “Social Justice, Sexual Violence, and Anti-Oppression." Upon successful completion of the training, individuals can begin working in direct service in counseling and advocacy.

​For questions about the HealingCorps Volunteer Program, please contact Amrith at or at 978-452-7721

Our volunteer program is formally known as HealingCorps and is named to embody the healing work that CHH counselors and advocates provide. By definition, the HealingCorps Program is a signature experience that sets it apart from any other volunteer program. We have a great need for multilingual/multicultural applicants, individuals who are social justice oriented, and who come from all different backgrounds with diverse lived experience. ​

With the hands-on experience that volunteers and interns gain through HealingCorps, many have gone on to pursue roles as Residential Counselors, Policy Associates, Legal Assistants, and Program Coordinators, and many more.