Building Community Free From Sexual Violence

The Center for Hope and Healing Inc. has served survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones in the Greater Lowell area over the past 40 years.

We are an anti-oppression and multicultural agency with a vision of a world free of sexual violence.

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Child and Adolescent Program

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Your contributions today will make a difference in the life of a child for their lifetime. 
$1,000 pays for furniture for our new children's space  
$500    pays for laptops and electronics for children   
$250    pays for 1 month of counseling sessions  
$100    pays for a child's basic needs such as clothing       
$50      pays for food for child and adolescent groups 
$25      pays for art supplies for a child's clinical session

Executive Director, Isa Woldeguiorguis stated:

“As an organization committed to ending sexual violence and the oppressions that are at its roots, we hope you will join us in this fight. For us. For our youth. For our future.” 

On September 16, our organization joined hundreds of others in a rally just 50 days before Election Day to urge our friends, allies, and partners to vote Yes on 3! On November 6, the country will watch closely as Massachusetts votes on retaining a statewide law protecting transgender people’s equal access to public places. Yesterday’s rally organized by Freedom for All Massachusetts was a successful action in many ways. We heard compelling stories from campaign leaders, activists, youth, people of faith, nonprofit leaders, business executives, and politicians.

​​Sexual assault disproportionately affects LGB and transgender people, particularly, transgender people of color. On a daily basis, transgender individuals experience shocking amounts of violence and discrimination that goes largely unnoticed. Unfortunately, 2018 has already seen at least 20 transgender people fatally shot or killed by other violent means. 14 of these victims were Black transgender young women. We cannot forget their lives.

​Across our community and country, transgender youth are thrown out of homes and schools, forced to become homeless, abandoned, bullied, and assaulted. LGBQ/T youth are at great risk for sexual assault---almost twice that of non-LGBQ/T youth. To add, transgender and non-binary people are often the targets of transphobic hate crimes and state-imposed violence. These facts should not only shock us, but compel us to action.

            Sign up for Phone Banking with CHH, every Thursday until Nov. 6!

With your support we have expanded our child and adolescent services!

We are thrilled to have expanded our office space to provide individual counseling and support for children as young as 4 years old and their loved ones. 

We believe children can heal from abuse with support and trauma-informed services CHH provides.There are no other services in our area for children and youth who have experienced sexual abuse.  With your help we can buy therapeutic games, books and activities for children.  We will create child-friendly counseling rooms so children and youth have welcoming places to begin to heal.  TODAY your contributions send a powerful message to children that we care and that we will help them start healing.