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Our volunteer program is formally known as HealingCorps and is named to embody the healing work that CHH counselors and advocates provide. By definition, the HealingCorps Program is a signature experience that sets it apart from any other volunteer program. We have a great need for multilingual/multicultural applicants, individuals who are social justice oriented, and who come from all different backgrounds with diverse lived experience. 

With the hands-on experience that volunteers and interns gain through HealingCorps, many have gone on to pursue roles as Residential Counselors, Policy Associates, Legal Assistants, and Program Coordinators, and many more.



We are currently recruiting for the following positions.
​All volunteer positions are available for internship credit (see below for internship dates). 

Hotline Counselor/Advocate
Medical Advocate
Education and Outreach
Legal Advocate
Finance and Non Profit Administration

Engaging Men and Boys Program Assistant

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- No prior experience necessary
- Have an open mind to issues pertaining to sexual assault, relationship violence, substance abuse, right to reproductive choice, race, gender, age, ability, and other cultural factors

- Have access to a phone

- Make a 12-month commitment to the program (typically 6-12 hours a month)

- Attend monthly team meetings, participate and contribute to team discussions online and in-person, and attend professional development training


The Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Counselor and Advocate training gives participants the knowledge and tools to work with survivors of sexual assault. It is a 40-hour training and covers topics like “Understanding Neurobiology and the Trauma of Sexual Assault,” “Medical Advocacy and Forensic Evidence Collection ,” “Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse,” “Providing Services to Survivors with Disabilities,” and “Social Justice, Sexual Violence, and Anti-Oppression." Upon successful completion of the training, individuals can begin working in direct service in counseling and advocacy.

Week-long Intensive Session
March 13th - 18th
930am - 530pm

This traditional week-long intensive classroom curriculum gives participants the knowledge and tools to support survivors and be a leader in the work to build communities free from sexual violence. It includes instruction on self-care and reflection, an essential tool necessary for effectiveness and success in the social justice field. Upon successful completion of the training, participants can immediately begin counseling and advocacy work. Guidance and supervision is always provided throughout the duration of the volunteers' service period.  

​"At Your Pace" Rolling Sessions
Monday evenings beginning March 20th
6pm - 9pm

​The rolling sessions is designed as a "night class" to accommodate individuals who have daytime responsibilities. There are 10 modules in each rolling session and ideally participants will be able to attend every session as scheduled, but we understand that this isn't always possible.  Participants will need to make up any missed sessions. Upon successful completion of all modules, the participant can begin counseling and advocacy work. Guidance and supervision is always provided throughout the duration of the volunteers' service period.  

Community Outreach Session

Scheduled As Needed

We welcome individuals and families who want to give back to the community and participant as volunteers at events. This involves a much shorter specialized training depending on the community event. We encourage you to contact amrith@chhinc.org to volunteer at events.

INTERNSHIPS 2016-2017 AND 2017-2018
Advance your education and career through the myriad of opportunities offered at CHH. Individuals who are studying (and not limited to) sociology, psychology, public health, human services, economic development, business management, and criminology are invited to seek opportunities with CHH. 

For undergraduate students, a typical internship semester looks like this:

Fall semester:  September 8th, 2016 - December 28th, 2016
Spring semester: January 4th, 2017 - May 6th, 2017
Summer semester:  May 8th, 2017 - August 26th, 2017

GRADUATE INTERNSHIPS 2016-2017 AND 2017-2018
We offer project-based internships based on your academic focus and current strategic goals. 


Contact our Interim Program Director Elisabeth Nash Wrenn at elisabeth@chhinc.org and Survivor Services Manager Susan T. Pulido at susan@chhinc.org.

For questions about the HealingCorps Volunteer Program, please contact Amrith at amrith@chhinc.org or at 978-452-7721

Updated February 2017